Feeling is Good

Feeliom helps you protect your mental wellbeing by simply staying in touch.

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You are more than just a bubble.


It's not easy to share how you feel when you're stuck in a bubble. Don't be held back:

You deserve to feel free.


We don't just care about communication.

We care about you.

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Your Feelings

Feeliom lets you pour your heart out: No bubbles attached. All you have to do is feel.

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Your Communities

Forget followers. Create a space where you feel comfortable to self-express.

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Your Wellbeing

All your communication data is used to empower your wellbeing. No ads. Ever.

Beautiful, meaningful communication.
— Jane White, Bleeding Edge
Feeliom evolves the definition of ‘stay in touch’ !
— Becca Chang, TFN
Blending emotions with technology: Genius!
— Roland Johnson, The Pixel

How it works.

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1. Express

Easily share emotions using Feeliom's unique Sensory Language.

2. Assess

Artificial Intelligence provides you with continuous insights into your wellbeing.

3. Connect

Tackle risk factors by staying in touch with the communities that support you.

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